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Floyd Mayweather says Richard Schaefer has a home at Mayweather Promotions, if needed

If Richard Schaefer winds up leaving Golden Boy Promotions, Floyd Mayweather says that his friend will have a home on their team if he wants it.

Ethan Miller

With Richard Schaefer and Oscar De La Hoya still at odds, speculation remains that if Schaefer leaves Golden Boy Promotions, and Al Haymon pulls his fighters from the Golden Boy stable (where they do not have contracts), Schaefer could wind up working with Haymon and Mayweather Promotions going forward, potentially leaving Golden Boy in the cold at Showtime and without many name fighters.

Floyd Mayweather, who has never been friendly with De La Hoya but is close with Schaefer, says that if there is a split, Schaefer would be welcomed with open arms by the Mayweather team.

"Richard always has a home over here. We would love to work with him hand in hand if he has any problems over there because we know it's a company Richard Schaefer built. We working hand in hand already. We would love to work with Richard. He's a great guy, a great father. Richard knows the door is always open. Richard Schaefer knows he's family."

The main point of contention between Schaefer and De La Hoya is that Oscar is in one of his periods where he wants to be friendly with Top Rank promoter Bob Arum, and Schaefer has given up the idea of ever working with Arum again.

Realistically, the whole thing has probably gone too far for the sides as assembled now to work together again. When Golden Boy moved their fighters to Showtime, and HBO cut off relations with Golden Boy and Al Haymon, that was a bigger blow than simply a couple of promotional firms not getting along had been for years. It's too deep now. Showtime has a boxing brand that has been built around Mayweather and the Al Haymon crew.

If there were a split, and Schaefer left Golden Boy -- Oscar says Schaefer won't be fired -- and linked up with Haymon and Mayweather, then De La Hoya's Golden Boy brand would be left with Canelo Alvarez, Bernard Hopkins, Abner Mares, and a few other fighters. They would likely go back to HBO, where they would be free to work with Top Rank fighters. That means that yes, there is a chance we could see Pacquiao vs Canelo. (Pacquiao is also exploring his promotional options at the moment, so who knows?)

De La Hoya has been in these hug the world moods before, and they have passed. Will this one stick? Will Oscar get himself into a losing situation if it does not?

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