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Jim Lampley shares his thoughts on Mayweather vs. Maidana

HBO's Jim Lampley tell us what he thought of last Saturday's tight contest between Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidana.

Harry How

Despite working for Showtime's chief rival HBO, blow-by-blow man Jim Lampley has seen both Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidana up close many times over the course of each man's career. In fact, Mayweather competed exclusively on HBO during the main run of his undefeated tenure until signing his unprecedented contract with Showtime in 2013. So it would only be natural that Lampley has some thoughts about the pair's fight that took place this past Saturday night in Las Vegas.

Speaking with The Sweet Science's Kelsey McCarson, Lampley tells us that he was just as surprised as most of us that Maidana was able to make it such a competitive struggle.

"I said on the 'The Fight Game' I thought Floyd would win 10 or 11 rounds in a one-sided unanimous decision...I thought Maidana had the kind of straight-forward, unsophisticated style that Floyd could easily take apart, and it didn't happen.

"Now, I scored it 115-113, or seven rounds to five. That's pretty close, but I also thought it was pretty clear that Floyd had reeled in the situation, particularly in the second half of the fight, and won it. But I thought that Maidana got the jump on him, particularly early on, by throwing many punches from odd angles.

"An extremely determined Marcos Maidana was throwing wild punches from all angles, and the punches he gave Floyd trouble with particularly were the right hand that was coming straight over the top and the uppercuts that were coming from down under. And Floyd can handle everything that is right in front of him. But sometimes you just don't see that other stuff."

There's actually a bit more in the article, if you're interested, where Lampley discusses if Mayweather looked old and if it gives us any indication on how a fight between Floyd and Manny Pacquiao would go (I know, I know). So check out the link if you want to read more because I don't want to steal everything.

Lampley's impressions of the fight seem to be in line with what the majority of the press appear to be thinking. It was a close fight, but it looked as if Mayweather was gradually making the adjustments and taking over in the second half. The unorthodox angle of Maidana's punches, more than anything else, did seem to give Mayweather some initial pause on how to effectively block and counter.

Do you agree with Lampley's assessment? And would he have yelled "BANG BANG!" for some of Maidana's punches if the bout had taken place on HBO?

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