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Boxing Results Rundown: Mayweather-Maidana, Khan-Collazo, Abraham-Sjekloca, more

Anthony Largar takes a look at the previous week in boxing, including some standout fights you may not have seen.

Martin Rose

Week of 4/27-5/3

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MC= my card OC= official cards
Questions about specific fights are welcomed.

Standout fights

Eduard Gutknecht SplitDraw8 Pablo Sosa

This was supposed to be a nice, easy comeback fight for Gutknecht, coming off of his somewhat surprising stoppage loss to Dmitry Sukhotsky back in November. But apparently Sosa, the Spaniard with the .500 record, didn't get the memo. This was a slugfest from the get-go, with Sosa walking through anything Gutknecht threw, and coming back with his own good work. Nothing would deter Sosa - he would get hit with a four punch combination, pound on his chest, and then push Gutknecht backwards and have his own success. This was a very tough fight to score, as each round was close, and reasonably could have gone either way. A very impressive performance from Sosa, who moves to 3-3-3, with 2 KO. Gutknecht, whose best performance was probably his competitive decision loss to Juergen Braehmer, moves to 25-3-1, 9 KO, and it looks like we've seen his best days.

Valentin Leon UD6 Jose Alfredo Rodriguez

This was just a solid six rounds of you hit me a few times and then I'll hit you a few times. Every round was close, every round really could have gone either way, and the judges ended up seeing the slugfest in favor of the journeyman Leon. He was cut badly by a headbutt in the fourth round, which cost Rodriguez a point, and was dropped multiple times by low blows, which were far more blatant than the headbutt, but did not cost him a point. I thought Rodriguez had done enough to edge it in the end, but he falls to 29-4, 18 KO. Leon improves to 37-28-3, 20 KO.

Omar Chavez UD10 Daniel Sandoval

Sometimes standout fights stand out for the wrong reason. And sometimes you get the best and the worst of boxing in the same fight. This is a pretty solid example of that. The fight itself was great. An all out war, the first half completely dominated by Sandoval, the second half largely dominated by Chavez. Sandoval had a point deducted in the fifth round for low blows, and after that, Chavez woke up. He dominated the sixth and seventh, and had Sandoval out on his feet for almost the entirety of the eighth. But somehow, unbelievably, Sandoval came back to dominate the ninth, and win the fight on my card. When the scores were read, however, it was clear that Sandoval never had a chance. The 'other' son of Julio Cesar, Chavez improves to 32-2-1, 22 KO, while Sandoval falls to 34-3, 30 KO.

4/28 Fox Sports 1
John Karl Sosa UD6 Victor Perez - MC 59-55 Sosa OC 58-56, 59-55 x2 Sosa
McJoe Arroyo UD8 David Quijano - MC 80-72 Arroyo OC 80-72, 79-73 x2 Arroyo
Michael Perez UD10 Jorge Romero - MC 97-93 Perez OC 98-92 x3 Perez

5/1 ESPN2
Jonathan Gonzalez SD10 Rogelio Medina - MC 96-94 Medina OC 96-94 Medina, 97-93 Gonzalez, 96-94 Gonzalez
Roberto Garcia TKO6 Victor Cayo
Jeff Souffrant UD4 George Quintero - MC 40-35 Souffrant OC 40-35 x3 Souffrant

5/2 Fox Sports 1
Jesus Cuellar UD12 Rico Ramos - MC 117-109 Cuellar OC 116-110, 117-109, 114-112
Mickey Bey UD10 Alan Herrera - MC 96-93 Bey OC 97-92, 98-92 x2 Bey
Ishe Smith KO2 Ryan Davis

5/3 Germany
Timo Schwarzkopf TKO1 Anzor Gamgebeli
Dennis Ceylan TKO1 Dzmitri Agafonau
Burak Sahin TKO1 Zoltan Jerousek
Eduard Gutknecht SplitDraw8 Pablo Sosa - MC 77-75 Gutknecht OC 77-75 Sosa, 77-75 Gutknecht, 76-76 - discussed above
Noel Gevor UD10 Gogita Gorgiladze - MC 100-90 Gevor OC 99-91, 100-90 x2 Gevor
Arthur Abraham UD12 Nikola Sjekloca - MC 118-110 Abraham, OC 116-113, 116-112, 119-110 Abraham

5/3 Showtime PPV
J'Leon Love UD10 Marco Antonio Periban - MC 95-94 Love OC 95-93, 97-92, 96-93 Love
Adrien Broner UD10 Carlos Molina - MC 96-94 Broner OC 99-91, 98-92, 100-90 Broner
Amir Khan UD12 Luis Collazo - MC 113-110 Khan OC 117-106, 119-104 x2 Khan
Floyd Mayweather MD12 Marcos Maidana - MC 115-113 Maidana OC 114-114, 117-111, 116-112 Mayweather

5/3 Philippines
John Riel Casimero TKO1 Mauricio Fuentes - Casimero lost his belt due to missing weight by over 5 lbs

5/3 Mexico
Dario Garibay UD6 Rosario Cazares - MC 58-55 Garibay - no scores announced
Ramses Agaton SD10 Alejandro Barrera - MC 97-92 Agaton OC 95-94 Barrera, 97-92 x2 Agaton
Juan Hernandez TKO5 Adolfo Pena
Rodolfo Hernandez TKO1 Mario Briones
Valentin Leon UD6 Jose Alfredo Rodriguez - MC 57-56 Rodriguez OC 59-54, 57-56, 58-55 Leon - discussed above
Tomas Rojas TKO8 Jose Cabrera - as a sidetone, I think Tomas Rojas may be my absolute favorite fighter to watch
Omar Chavez UD10 Daniel Sandoval - MC 95-94 Sandoval OC 96-93, 97-92, 95-93 Chavez - discussed above

5/3 Argentina
Angel Rafael Gabriel Gonzalez UD4 Federico Jose Salcedo - MC 38-37 Gonzalez OC 39-38.5, 40-37.5, 39.5-37 Gonzalez
Francisco Emanuel Torres UD4 Roberto Eduardo Adriel - MC 39-37 Torres OC 40-37.5, 40-36.5 x2 Torres
Fabian Oscar Orozco UD6 Miguel Leonardo Caceres - MC 60-54 Orozco OC 59.5-56.5, 60-56.5, 59-58 Orozco
Cesar Rene Cuenca UD12 Albert Mensah - MC 116-112 Cuenca OC 117-111, 119-109 x2 Cuenca

And some fights from the previous week I didn't get a chance to watch until now:

4/25 Italy
Gyorgy Mizsei, Jr. SD12 Brunet Zamora - MC 119-109 Zamora OC 117-111 Zamora, 116-112 & 118-110 Mizsei, Jr.

4/25 Argentina
Ezequiel Osvaldo Maderna TKO3 Richard Vidal

4/25 Argentina
Gabriel Fernando Punalef Calfin UD10 Elias Leandro Vallejos - MC 96-92 Calfin OC 97-93, 99-89, 98-94 Calfin

4/26 Poland
Wojciech Niedzielski TKO4 Damian Wloskowicz
Krzysztof Rogowski UD4 Artsiom Pavinich - MC 39-37 Rogowski OC 40-36, 39-37, 40-37 Rogowski
Michael Gerlecki TKO2 Aliaksandr Klimkou
Nikodem Jezewski UD6 Artsiom Charniakevich - MC 60-54 Jezewski OC 60-54, 59-56, 58-56 Jezewski

4/26 Poland
Michal Zerominski UD8 Dawid Kwiatkowski - MC 80-72 Zerominski OC 78-74, 79-73, 80-72 Zerominski
Albert Sosnowski TKO1 Wlodzimierz Letr

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