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Provodnikov vs Algieri video: Harold Lederman gives his thoughts on Saturday's HBO main event

HBO unofficial scorer Harold Lederman has seen 'em all over his years in the sport of boxing. This week on "Hey, Harold!" he shares his thoughts on the Provodnikov-Algieri fight this Saturday on HBO.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Lederman on Chris Algieri:

"Algieri is a relatively inexperienced kid. He used to fight every month at a place called the Paramount Theater in Huntington, Long Island, where he'd sell the place out every single time he climbed in the ring. Very erudite, very intelligent. Smart fighter. He boxes really nicely. He got a big win in his last fight over a really good fighter named Emmanuel Taylor at the Paramount Theater. That propelled him into this fight with Provodnikov for the WBO 140-pound title. It's not gonna be easy for Algieri. Algieri's going to have to show that he's got a great jaw, that he can take a great punch, and that he's got a lot of heart to win this fight."

Lederman on Ruslan Provodnikov (well, really more about Algieri):

"Ruslan is a beast, let's face reality. It's gonna be Algieri's job to just outbox him, keep moving, not get caught up on the ropes, keep moving, keep the fight in the middle of the ring, and possibly win a decision, because Algieri's not a big puncher. (Algieri) can cut up Provodnikov if he gets lucky. Provodnikov's been known to bleed. You can cut him up, you can close his eyes, whatever. But it's not gonna be easy for Algieri."

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