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Bruce Binkow leaves Golden Boy Promotions in wake of Schaefer departure

Bruce Binkow figured to leave Golden Boy Promotions following ally Richard Schaefer's exit, and he has.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

As expected, the turnover at Golden Boy Promotions is continuing, as COO and CMO Bruce Binkow has also left the company in the wake of CEO Richard Schaefer's resignation. Binkow was considered a "Schaefer guy," and while he may have been fired, it was also expected that his resignation would be coming soon. His last day, according to, was Friday.

Golden Boy spokesman Stefan Friedman offered this quote:

"Golden Boy Promotions is solely focused on one goal -- giving fans the fights they want to see. We are fully aware that some might have different aspirations, and we wish them well in their new endeavors. As for us, we will not relent until boxing's cold war is over and all promoters leave their egos at the door in favor of putting fans first."

Now, from a personal standpoint, to say I'm skeptical of all this smiley happy talk at Golden Boy is a massive understatement. Oscar De La Hoya's stated goal of ending the "Cold War" is, well -- look, that part's over. If he's willing to work with Top Rank and Top Rank is willing to work with him, then the only Cold War that most fans knew about is over.

Now, though, there's Al Haymon and his giant stable of significant fighters, who still are no more likely to face Top Rank fighters than they were before. I'm not saying it's not a worthy goal for Golden Boy, and if they're serious about it, then eliminating Schaefer -- who had zero interest in working with Arum and Co. -- was the right major step, and the allies will also fall behind him, obviously.

But if they don't have "their" Haymon fighters, does Golden Boy actually have the juice to end any Cold Wars? Has Oscar De La Hoya misread the political situation (which would not be surprising, giving his long status as an absentee landlord)? Did he think he had a lot more control than he really does now that he doesn't have Schaefer actually running his company?

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