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Maidana manager Contursi: Maidana no longer working with Alex Ariza

Robert Garcia and Marcos Maidana will no longer be working with notorious strength & conditioning coach Alex Ariza, according to Maidana's manager.

Kevork Djansezian

One month after Marcos Maidana gave Floyd Mayweather Jr. his toughest fight since 2002, the Argentine's manager Sebastian Contursi has confirmed that he will no longer be working with strength & conditioning coach Alex Ariza.

Fighthype reports that Maidana and coach Robert Garcia had "some differences" with Ariza, though it's not yet clear what the cause of the strife was. Ariza will also no longer be working with WBA interim champion Jesus Cuellar, another Garcia product, and it seems that Garcia may be severing ties between Ariza and all of his fighters.

One reason for the split may be Ariza's reputation as a bit of a shady character when it comes to performance-enhancing substances. Freddie Roach once intimated that, while Ariza was working with Manny Pacquiao, he would often see the S&C coach handing Pacquiao mysterious drinks, the contents of which Roach did not know. After that, Ariza left Pacquiao's camp and began working with Brandon Rios, a Garcia fighter who popped for a banned substance after facing Pacquiao (Roach was smugly unsurprised).

In addition, Ariza generated some further bad press for the Garcia camp when, during a dispute before the aforementioned Pacquiao-Rios fight, he booted Roach, who suffers from Parkinson's disease, in the chest. Roach wasn't blameless in the exchange, but it's never a good idea to assault a very famous man with a disability.

Whatever the cause, it appears that Ariza will have nothing to do with Maidana's preparations should the talked-about rematch with Mayweather materialize.

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