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Ava Knight expresses promoter woes on Twitter

Ava Knight, one of the best female boxers in the world, has taken to Twitter to ask for help from her supporters, claiming that the people in control of her contract are keeping her from getting any fights.

Ethan Miller

Ava Knight doesn't seem to be happy with her current situation. The Chico, California boxer, until recently the holder of the WBC and IBF female flyweight titles, has been inactive since October 26 of 2013, when she dropped a unanimous decision to light flyweight Ibeth Zamora Silva of San Cristóbal Huichochitlán, Mexico.

Since then, Knight has expressed interest in a rematch with Zamora, but most of all she wants to get some fights, a goal which is apparently not shared by the people in charge of her career. June 18th, Knight took to Twitter to express her frustrations.

As of a March 2013 interview with, Knight was promoted by Hector Garcia of HG Promotions, a company based in Mexico.

"[HG Promotions is] a pretty well-known promotional group there [in Mexico], they probably have the most women fighters. I have a couple more years with my promotional company, I’m really happy with them and they’ve been good to me."

Since then, however, Knight appears to have joined Mayweather Promotions. According to an interview with from February 19, 2014, Knight followed her longtime trainer/manager Ben Bautista to Vegas to join the Money Team.

Before I walked in the [Mayweather Gym], I might have said I would sign with good opportunity, but since I've been in the gym, I think Mayweather Promotions and Ava Knight would be a great combination. Other promoters look at fighters like dollar signs, and yes, promoters need to make their money, but Floyd is interactive with his fighters. He stands by them and encourages them in the gym and with life. It is a huge goal to be a Champion for Mayweather Promotions, their first female Champion.

Bad Left Hook reached out to Knight for comment, but as of 12:30pm EST, June 19th she has not responded. Neither have Mayweather Promotions and HG Promotions, both of whom were also contacted for information.

Whatever her current promotional situation, this is not the first time that Knight has voiced frustrations with the current state of women's boxing, particularly in the US. Women's bouts are common and in fact quite popular in Mexico, hence Knight's previous fights taking place under the HG Promotions banner, but US promoters are notoriously hesitant to promote women as anything more than a novelty.

In just a short time Knight has received no shortage of support from her followers on social media, several fans taking up the call of "#FreeAva."

Interestingly, two big names in the sport of boxing counted themselves among Knight's sympathizers.

Gamboa, a well-known boxer with a big fight coming up against Terence Crawford, might help to gain some attention for Knight's plight. The name of the other big-time supporter carries even greater implications, however.

Trout, a top light middleweight, is no stranger to troubles with promoters. He was himself embroiled in a legal battle with former promoter Greg Cohen last year, who Trout claimed was preventing him from getting meaningful matchups following the first loss of Trout's professional career. Trout is now advised by Al Haymon, who is associated with Mayweather Promotions, the same company that now appears to be backing Knight.

Knight is a talented boxer and deserves to earn her living and reputation doing what she loves. Though her current promotional circumstances are not entirely clear, Bad Left Hook will stay with this story and keep you updated as the situation unfolds.

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