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Guerrero vs Kamegai purses: 'Ghost' returning at $1MM, Kamegai making $75K

Robert Guerrero will be tomorrow night's only million dollar man on the purse sheets, while main event foe Yoshihiro Kamegai will make $75,000.

Golden Boy Promotions

In one of the bigger main event pay mismatches you'll see on Showtime or HBO any time soon, Robert Guerrero will make a $1 million purse for tomorrow night's Showtime fight, while opponent Yoshihiro Kamegai has a purse of just $75,000.

Certainly, there are bigger differences out there -- every time Floyd Mayweather fights, he makes a lot more than $925,000 more than his opponents, but those guys are still making a couple million in purse total. This is another thing entirely.

As I was reminded on Twitter, this is closer to the Cotto-Mayorga fight a couple of years ago, when Miguel made $1 million and Mayorga had a $50,000 purse, which in the end was something like $12,000 because he had some tax debts or whatever that had to be paid, too.

The bottom line is that they're telling you Kamegai (24-1, 21 KO) is a main event fighter tomorrow, but they sure aren't paying him like he is one, and that's really probably the best indicator of at least perceived worth. $75K and a chance to break through is probably a good deal if you're Kamegai, but it tells you what Golden Boy really thinks of this fight, too.

Devon Alexander will make $450,000 and Jesus Soto Karass $150,000 for their co-feature welterweight bout, while as per their purse bid agreement, Vasyl Lomachenko will make $631,500 to Gary Russell Jr's $421,000. Russell's team tried to challenge that, but were denied by the WBO.

Other purses:

  • Chad Dawson $15,000 vs George Blades $20,000. That's not being read wrong. Dawson also loses $3,000 for weight issues, and Blades gets $1,500 of that, so Blades is making $21,500, with Dawson at $12,000 tomorrow. That's the world Chad Dawson is in.
  • Dominic Breazeale $12,500 vs Devin Vargas $12,500.
  • Vyacheslav Shabranskyy $75,000 vs Micahel Gbenga $6,000.
  • Sharif Bogere $10,000 vs Miguel Zamudio $8,000.
  • Michael Hunter $7,500 vs Jerry Forrest $5,000.

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