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Robert Guerrero: I hope the fans enjoyed the fight as much as I did

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Robert Guerrero gave a statement on his exciting win over Yoshihiro Kamegai last weekend on Showtime.

Stephen Dunn

Robert Guerrero's action-packed win over Yoshihiro Kamegai last weekend on Showtime from the magical StubHub Center wound up being a leading contender for Fight of the Year as we approach the halfway point of 2014, and this week he gave some post-fight thoughts on the win:

"I hope the fans enjoyed the fight as much as I did. I know I could have made the fight easier by boxing, but then the fans would have not gotten their money's worth. I love to fight, it's in my blood, and it's what I do. I'm a fighter. One thing you can take to the bank is when you tune into watch me, or pay for a ticket to any of my fights, you're going to get excitement. There's nothing better than a toe to toe battle!"

"My name stands for warrior in Spanish so that's what I like to do, go to war. To my future opponents I can't wait to get in there and bang it out!"

"I love to fight, it's all about pleasing the fans!"

Guerrero (32-2-1, 18 KO) has had four fights since moving up to welterweight in 2012, and three of them -- wins over Kamegai, Andre Berto, and Selcuk Aydin -- have been hard-hitting, in-fighting battles, with Kamegai and Berto a couple of flat-out wars. Only his loss to Floyd Mayweather, where he was outclassed by a superior boxer, was less than a very entertaining fight.

In other words, Guerrero has turned into a must-see fighter and one of the most reliable action stars in the sport. Where do you rank him among the action fighters in today's game?