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Cotto vs Martinez live stream of today's final press conference (June 4, 2014)

Miguel Cotto and Sergio Martinez meet up in New York today for the final presser before their showdown at Madison Square Garden this Saturday, June 7th. Watch the video live on Bad Left Hook.

Today at 1:30 PM, Miguel Cotto and Sergio Martinez meet one last time before putting it all on the line in a highly-anticipated fight for Martinez's WBC Middleweight title belt, taking place at Cottos home-away-from-home, Madison Square Garden, this Saturday, June 4th.

Cotto has had his fair share of career ups and downs leading up to this fight, including an unimpressive defeat at the hands of Austin Trout last December that prompted the Puerto Rican star to drop trainer Joe Santiago and make the move to Freddie Roach, 5-time trainer of the year, and a man renowned for encouraging the aggressive style that was a hallmark of Cotto's in his younger years. As promised, Cotto debuted his back-to-basics approach against journeyman Delvin Rodriguez, stopping his outmatched opponent in just three rounds.

For his part, Sergio Martinez has not lost a bout since 2009, and is currently riding a 7-fight winning streak. He has not, however, looked unbeatable in recent years, nearly getting stopped in the 12th round of an otherwise unchallenging bout with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, and then winning a unanimous decision over Martin Murray, abandoning the calculated style that has been his specialty for so many years and leading many to believe that he is headed for a sudden and steep decline very soon.

If for any reason the stream above doesn't work for you, you can find a backup here.

Stay tuned to Bad Left Hook for all of your Cotto vs Martinez coverage, up to, during, and after Saturday's big fight.

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