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Video: Scott and Connor preview Cotto vs Martinez

Scott Christ and Connor Ruebusch of Bad Left Hook preview the full pay-per-view card of this weekend's HBO event, Cotto vs. Martinez.

Scott and Connor are back to preview another big pay-per-view card. This time we're talking Cotto-Martinez. This Saturday, June 7th, Miguel Cotto and Sergio Martinez will meet in a "middleweight" fight to determine the future of both men's careers. Neither man is in his prime, but both are proud, emotional, and undeniably talented boxers, and this matchup should be a good one.

Also featured on the card is a rematch between Marvin Sonsona and Wilfredo Vasquez Jr. Vasquez (23-3-1, 19 KO) knocked Sonsona (18-1-1, 15 KO) out when he was nineteen years old, but four years and four wins later, Sonsona is a much more polished fighter. Will it be enough to turn the tables against Vasquez, who rarely makes technical mistakes?

Jorge Melendez vs Javier Maciel isn't a fight that particularly stirs the imagination, but one can't help but feel that Maciel (28-3, 20 KO) makes this a more interesting matchup than the original pairing, which had Melendez (28-3-1, 26 KO) facing Yuri Foreman. Nonetheless, Melendez is a serious power puncher, and a kill-or-be-killed type of fighter, which should make his fight with the crafty Maciel, who's no featherduster himself, an interesting watch.

A junior middleweight battle between Andy Lee and John Jackson is expected to kick off the card. Lee (32-2, 22 KO) was a solid middleweight, if not a great one, so it will be interesting to see how his massive frame handles this weight cut, while John Jackson's (18-1, 15 KO) bloodlines alone are enough to interest boxing fans--he is the son of legendary power puncher Julian Jackson, who made a career out of murdering better boxers in the 80s.

Scott and I are pretty new to these videos, so feedback is not only welcome, but highly encouraged. In the comments, please feel free to suggest names for this series of big fight previews. We'd also love a catchy sign-off with which to end the show, so put your creative powers to the test and let us hear your suggestions!

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Thanks for watching!

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