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Cotto vs Martinez live results: Javier Maciel beats Jorge Melendez in entertaining scrap

Javier Maciel scored a mild upset of Jorge Melendez tonight in a good, hard-hitting fight on the Cotto-Martinez bill.

Rich Schultz
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Javier Maciel only made $10,000 coming in on short notice for tonight's fight, but the Argentinean battler made it all count with a minor upset of Jorge Melendez at Madison Square Garden on the Cotto-Martinez HBO PPV broadcast.

Maciel (29-3, 20 KO) dropped Melendez (28-4-1, 26 KO) in the fourth round, and also got an extra point that frame due to a point deduction against Melendez for repeated low blows. In the end, that wasn't totally the difference in the fight's scoring, but it did lead him to a majority decision victory on scores of 97-91, 96-92, and 94-94, the third card being scored 6-4 in rounds for Melendez, while the first two were scored 7-3 and 6-4 for Maciel.

BLH had it 96-92 for Maciel, while HBO's Harold Lederman had it 95-93, with the difference being the knockdown and deduction for Lederman.

It was a very entertaining fight all the way through, too, meaning that this pay-per-view card has started nicely with a big KO of the Year candidate in the first fight, and a solid bout in the second fight, too.

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