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Canelo vs Lara results and photos (July 13, 2014)

Canelo Alvarez, Abner Mares, Francisco Vargas, Mauricio Herrera, and Tomoki Kameda scored big wins last night in Las Vegas.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.


"I came to fight, I didn't come to run here. You don't win by running. You win by hitting. He does have a great jab and he moves around, but you don't win a fight that way. You don't run.

"I want to leave people with a good taste in their mouth. This wasn't the fight I expected; I wanted to go toe to toe. He didn't come to fight. He came to run. He's a great boxer - I respect him - but he has to learn how to throw more punches."

"When he learns how to fight then I'll give him the rematch. For now, my birthday is coming and we're going to have fun."


"One hundred percent I won this fight. I was controlling the rounds and, worse, I made him look bad in front of his fans. People know I won this fight.

"The body shots connected but they didn't have any force. I still have no respect for him. I'm asking for a rematch. One hundred percent I'll do the same and we'll win again."


"I knew he was hurt but I know he's a warrior. My corner was making preparations to be able to knock him out. I won by throwing combo punches to Lopez's upper and lower body. Once I did that, I knew he had lost control. I'm very happy for this moment. I want to tell everyone that I'm ready for anybody at 130 pounds."


"I wanted to keep fighting - I'm a warrior. But my corner decided it was enough. I really don't know right now if I'm going to retire. I have to sit down with my family and my promoter and decide what the next step will be."


"It was difficult at first because he had a very awkward style. It took me a minute to figure it out and he was making me miss a lot of shots at first. But once I relaxed and adjusted to the awkward style I was able to get into rhythm, take control of the fight and put more pressure on him. I felt like I was a hungrier fighter here tonight and that's why I pulled away with the victory. I graduated tonight - graduated to the next level."


"I felt that Mauricio had a difficult style and that it was a close fight. Ultimately, I felt that I won the fight. I am really surprised by the decision and I want an immediate rematch."

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