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Mauricio Herrera wants Garcia rematch after win over Johan Perez

Mauricio Herrera scored a solid win over Johan Perez last night, and now wants Danny Garcia in a rematch of their controversial bout from March.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.


"I feel great. This is a dream, this is what we came all this way for. We said it, we said we were gonna take the belt, and we did. We felt good and we pulled it off."

"I just wanted to see how he was coming out. I wanted to impress, and I was aggressive at times. That's what I felt we did. We hurt him a couple times, but he was tough. He kept backing away, he was tall, he was hard to get at sometimes."

"I'm slippery. I'm not that easy to hit. I showed that in the past fights. People think I'm easy to hit, but I stood on the ropes and made him miss a couple times."

"I was going for (the KO in round nine). But when we got here for the fight, I'd gotten sick, I got a fever. I couldn't let that ruin my plans. I said, I don't care, I'm gonna go in there. So my energy in there was going up and down. So when I felt hurt, I wanted to attack him, but I ran out of breath for a while. I had to take my time again, and get him hurt later on."

"It's everything. Now we've arrived, we're here. I've graduated to the next level. I'm here to take on any world titlist out there. If Danny Garcia's out there, we'll go after him now."

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