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Tyson Fury on Dereck Chisora rematch: "I'm flattening his big, ugly, fat face."

Dereck Chisora and Tyson Fury promoted their rematch at a heated press conference.

Jordan Mansfield

When they first fought on July 23, 2011 Tyson Fury won a fairly one-sided unanimous decision over Dereck Chisora despite being rocked by Chisora in the second round. Fury not only handed Chisora his first defeat, but also took the British Heavyweight title belt.

On July 26th, Fury and Chisora will rematch in Manchester for the vacant British Heavyweight belt. As with the first time they fought, Chisora has a belt on the line- the WBO International Heavyweight title. This time, Fury doesn't care about Chisora's belt:

"His European title and his belts - I'm not interested in them, I'm giving them back after I beat him," Fury said.

"He's the challenger, he's the chump and he's 10 levels below me and I'm going to prove that by smashing his face right in."

During the press conference to promote their rematch, both fighters shook hands on a £10,000 wager. Fury spent the rest of the press conference belittling Chisora:

"For me this is nothing more than a stepping-stone fight.

"This is Dereck Chisora's final crack at the whip - but for me this is a stepping stone.

"Dereck Chisora is a journeyman, what champions do to journeymans is they smash them to bits.

"If I can't smash him to bits then I must be a journeyman too."

Fury's coup de grâce:

"Every time he thinks of Tyson Fury in the future he's going to wish he'd never heard that name.

"I'm going to annihilate him. He's going to sleep for good. There's no doubt in my mind. I'm flattening his big, ugly, fat face.

"He's the ugliest man I've ever seen, he can't talk, he's useless, the only thing he's got about him is he's a bit tough and he comes forward and swings some shots."

Chisora didn't respond in kind, only stating that he's "coming" for Fury.

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