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Wall Street Journal baffled Mayweather won't fight in NYC

Columnist Tim Smith asks why Floyd Mayweather hasn't fought in New York and then answers his own question.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Tim Smith has the dubious honor of being the last boxing beat writer for the New York Times. He's also covered boxing for the New York Daily News and has contributed today's piece to the Wall Street Journal. Point being: he knows boxing.

Today's he's posted one of those articles that asks "the tough question" ... and then clearly answers it: It's the money, stupid. (note: I'm not calling the author stupid; I've distilled his article down to four charming words)

"Floyd Mayweather, Jr. loves New York," Smith fawns. "New York is still considered the media capital of the world," okay we're with you, Tim, "and by extension the boxing world."

Wait, hold up. But, Jim Lampley says Las Vegas is the boxing capital of the world?

Sorry ... Please, Tim, continue: "The two biggest money earners in the sport, Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, have never fought in New York but have called the MGM Grand home."

Sorry, what? Tell me again how this proves your point that New York is the boxing capital of the world?

Income tax in New York state for top earners is 8.82% which--assuming Mayweather's minimum guarantee of $32M--could equate to a tax liability of nearly $3 million. It's clear to me, and most others, why Floyd fights in Nevada, a state with no personal income tax at all.

Does this mean he'll never fight anywhere else? Who knows. There is a "staggering" offer on the table from the Barclays Center, and perhaps the kickbacks will offset the tax penalty. And with few dangerous opponents available, Mayweather increasingly needs promotional angles.

Point for today, Smith's article is a really a protracted love note to his city that poses no compelling questions.

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