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Thomas Dulorme: "I'm available to fight Manny Pacquiao"

Gary Show throws Dulorme's name out there on the heels of reports Pacquiao-Algieri negotiations have hit a snag.

It's been a bit of a slow morning in boxing news. So ....

In an unabashed attempt to grab a few headlines (you're welcome, Gary!), Gary Shaw has published an article at Eastside Boxing saying his fighter, Dulorme, is ready and willing to be Manny Pacquiao's next opponent.

Like, this wasn't a press release that Eastside picked up. Literally, Gary Shaw wrote the article and is credited in the byline.

"I'm available and willing to fight the best," said Thomas Dulorme, who currently at 140 pounds is ranked #2 by the World Boxing Association (WBA), #3 by the World Boxing Council (WBC), #4 by the International Boxing Federation (IBF), and #8 in the World Boxing Organization (WBO). "Manny Pacquiao may still be looking for a opponent in November, and if that's the case, I'm ready.


"I was supposed to fight Ruslan Provodnikov but I was rejected by his team, and they instead accepted the Algieri bout."

Well, that's mildly interesting, assuming it's true. Algieri, of course, decisioned Provodnikov last month and is currently in talks to face Pacquiao on November 22 in Macau. Word on the street is those negotiations have hit a rough patch.

Said wrote Shaw, "Pacquiao vs. Dulorme would be a sensational bout that the fans would love to see."

So, fans ... is this a fight you'd love to see? Also, should we see if Gary's available to pick up some shifts here at BLH?

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