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Mayweather-Maidana glove issue to be resolved soon

Eric Gomez of Golden Boy says the issue about which gloves Marcos Maidana can use in the rematch will finalized shortly.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

That's great because I honestly don't want to hear or write another word on the topic. This argument between the Mayweather and Maidana camp has been an ongoing one since their first meeting in May. Marcos Maidana wants to wear his custom-made Everlast MX gloves and Mayweather isn't having it. Don't ask me how gloves were specifically customized, but Mayweather will tell you its in a dubious, Antonio Margarito/Luis Resto, kind of way.

Eric Gomez had this to say about the glove controversy:

"The deal is done, but with respect to the gloves, it's an open issue that's going to be solved," Gomez said. "There's a lot of determining factors (on why it wasn't put into the contract when the deal was announced) and [Maidana] told us to make the fight. It's part of negotiations."

Marcos Maidana said there was a noticeable difference between the gloves he wanted to wear and the ones he was forced to wear:

"The gloves that I use were fit to my hand and were just so much more comfortable," Maidana said. "The ones I were made to wear were not comfortable. They were very different."

So here we are again with the Maidana and his camp in one statement indicating the the change in gloves affected the outcome of the first fight, and then in the next saying the choice of gloves don't matter and he'll win anyway. I guess Floyd isn't the only one with contradictory diarrhea-mouth.

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