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Fury vs Chisora II: BoxNation Head-to-Head (Video)

Dereck Chisora and Tyson Fury share some words from March in BoxNation's Head-to-Head feature for their rematch, which is coming this Saturday.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Fury: "I look over there and I see Dereck Chisora, the same Dereck Chisora who I fought before. Listen, he's had a few more fights, he's beaten some decent, good men, been in with some good men. He's a man with a pair of gloves on. He's trying to come and take the bread out my children's mouth, and I'm here to stop him. I'm, like, the man in his way, and he's the man in my way. At the end of the day, we're gonna go in there and battle it out, and may the best man win. No hard feelings, nothing. I've got respect for Dereck Chisora as a fighter and as a person, because he's done well for himself. But listen, I think I'm on a higher level, I'm an elite fighter, I actually know that. Obviously, we both think we're going to win, or we wouldn't be taking fights, would we? Because we wouldn't be taking fights we thought we're going to lose. I'm 100 percent confident in winning, Dereck's 100 percent confident in winning, and when you got two people like that, it makes for a good fuse. And when you get two fuses together, boom."

Chisora: "(If he believes I'm the same), that'll be amazing for me, but I know he's not stupid. He knows what's coming. He might try and clown around and stuff like that. We know how he acts. When it gets tough in the ring, he likes to clown around to take the focus from the fight. We're coming to look for him, and we're going to look for him, and we're going to find him. We're in a smaller ring. It's a smaller ring. It's not a big ring. We didn't ask for a big ring, we asked for a smaller ring. So we'll find him. He knows. He's seen, he knows."

Fury: "Seek and destroy, you've heard it from the horse's mouth, haven't you? It's up to me to be evasive. Like one of them little fighter jets. He misses shots, counter attack, game over. No matter how many shots you throw, the evasiveness of the jets, boom! It's out. Listen, I'm not here to talk bullshit. I'm here to talk reality. End of the day, this is a fight between two professional fighters who are going to go in there and give it their best shot. Listen, I'm going to win. Why I'm going to win, is because I always win. I know how to win. I've never lost a fight. ... I'm going to win in the fifth round by knockout. It's not gonna be a referee stopped contest, it's not gonna be a TKO, it's gonna be a clean, correct, knuckles down knockout."

Chisora: "He says he's gonna win by knockout, I'll say I'm gonna win by knockout, as well. It's a great fight!"

Fury: "What round are you going to do me in?"

Chisora: "I'll do you in the first round."

Fury: "That'll be nice! It's an easy payday, and go home!"

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