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Tyson Fury still planning to fight Saturday

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Fury wants to fight on in the wake of Dereck Chisora's hand injury which called off their scheduled rematch.

Paul Thomas

According to Tyson Fury's Twitter timeline, he's still planning on fighting Saturday night. Fury posted this just three hours ago:

Peter Fury has also made it clear Team Fury plans to be in action Saturday night and negotiations are ongoing to find an opponent.

Talk about short-notice. Five days is a big ask of even the most journeyed of journeymen. Though the promoters would surely like to keep Fury's name on the bill, I wouldn't be surprised if we hear an official announcement to the contrary very soon.

Who could be found to step through the ropes at the unfortunately named Phones 4 U Arena on Saturday night against Fury? I hear Liam Gallagher is available (edit: so badly want this to be true, but it appears fake), and Tony Thompson is free this weekend:

Fury could use the rounds as three of his last four fights have fallen through. What are the chances this bout is salvaged?