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Video: Lederman breaks down Golovkin-Geale in latest Hey Harold!

HBO's Harold Lederman previews Saturday's Golovkin-Geale matchup the way only Harold can.

"Hey Harold! Whaddaya think of this Saturday's matchup between Gennady Golovkin and Daniel Geale?"

"Lemmetellyasomethin, Jim ..."

"My name's not Jim."

"Be that as it may ..."

And so on. Harold Lederman "breaks down" this weekend's marquee fight with some tasty tidbits. I think it's interesting he thinks it takes GGG six or seven rounds to get going. While Rosado and Stevens pushed him seven and eight rounds, respectively, most of his fights have been much shorter. Geale can box, however, so I tend to agree with Harold here that it will take some rounds for GGG to break his man down.

As for Geale, Harold points out his good defense and head movement which will both be key to his survival Saturday. A "strong jab" will also be necessary to keep Golovkin from getting into a punishing rhythm.

I'll put words in Harold's mouth and say he's set the over/under at six rounds. What are you taking?

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