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Bernard Hopkins poses nude for ESPN The Magazine's Body Issue

Bernard Hopkins has no issue getting naked for a feature in ESPN The Magazine's Body Issue 2014.

Rob Carr

Ever wonder what Bernard Hopkins looks like naked? Neither have we, but apparently ESPN needs to sell some magazines. Hopkins goes au naturale in the upcoming ESPN The Magazine's Body Issue 2014 (sneak preview here, you've been warned).

Here are some choice quotes from the special preview over at

Being able to do what I do in the ring and out of the ring is evidence that I'm not from this world. I'm competing against fighters who are half my age -- any other reason would be suspect. But I'm not suspect. I am the alien.

I don't have a diet. Jenny Craig got a diet. Seriously. I eat to live, not to die. Put that quote down there: I eat to live, not to die.

The gods of the world with the pens say I play mental games. If I can convince you that I'm going to beat you up and you believe me, that's your fault.

I pamper myself. I get my facials, I get my nails done. I got a pedicure yesterday.

And so on. There's lots more to enjoy from ol' Bernard, including (mercifully) just one picture to whet your appetite, or something.

Hopefully this does not signal a trend of boxers dropping trou (paging Roy Jones Jr.). We're already in the "red light district" of sports. On the other hand, a wise man once said, "There is no such thing as bad publicity."

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