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Brandon Rios wants to regain confidence and his winning ways

Brandon Rios knows Diego Chavez is a dangerous opponent and hopes getting back to his old routine will bring back the wins.

Kevin Lee

With all of the visa issues now out of the way, Brandon Rios and Diego Chaves will square-off on Saturday. Normally I'd say all of the visa distractions could have hampered Rios' preparation for his fight this Saturday by being unsure of who he'd actually be facing in the ring. But lets face it, Brandon only fights in one style anyways and he's coming straight ahead. Rios is, however, hoping to regain some of his confidence in this fight and get off his two-fight losing skid.

Brandon has made comments leading up to this fight saying he wouldn't have minded an easier opponent, but acknowledges it wasn't so much in his control.

"Aug. 2 was the only HBO date for me, so I had to take this guy (Chaves)," Rios told "So it is what it is. To me, it's just another opponent, but it's a dangerous opponent. We have to be very prepared 100 percent and that's what we're going to do. The only thing on my mind is to win. I'm coming to Las Vegas on Aug. 2nd to win. I can't think about losing. I can't think about anyone else. My mind is set on Diego Chaves and just get the win."

Brandon also goes on to say how working with strength and conditioning coaches Angel Heredia and Alex Ariza may have actually hurt his recent performances in the ring.

"(The Alvarado fight) was very close," said Rios, who is trained by Robert Garcia. "I lost a very close decision and I thought it could've gone either way. Against Pacquiao, there's no disappointment in that. Everyone loses to Pacquiao. I lost to one of the best.

"I'm not trying to make an excuse or nothing, but I think since I've been working with strength and conditioning coaches my last few fights, I lost. I had a strength and conditioning coach in my loss to Alvarado and one with Pacquiao. And I lost. I'm a physically strong guy as it is. So I think all of the extra workouts kind of drained me. It killed me. Maybe that's what it is. This time, we're going back to (what) we used to do back in the day when I was winning, when I was having great outcomes in my fights. Train my butt off in the gym, eat right, and be ready. That's what we've been doing and that's what is going to happen."

I'm not so sure that the strength and conditioning have actually hurt his performances, I simply believe that Brandon has to think that it has for his own mental preparation. If it takes him having to believe they were a hindrance for him to get his psyche back into a good place, than more power to him. Rios himself says that his recent losses have weighed on him and affected his mentality.

"The loss(es) brought me back down," he said. "I had to do sports therapy because I couldn't get those losses out of my head. That (expletive) is behind me. I'm ready for this, the future. I'm ready for Aug. 2nd against Diego Chaves."

Well Brandon, the future is now one day away.