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Daniel Jacobs: Once I saw Fletcher had nothing, I just got him out of there

Daniel Jacobs discusses his one-sided TKO win over Jarrod Fletcher from Saturday night's Showtime card.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

First of all, coming out to M.O.P., how'd that feel tonight?

Ha! How about some hardcore? Nah, we had to do it. I'm a Brownsville guy, born and raised in Brownsville, and I just felt like my Brooklyn peoples deserved it. They can connect with M.O.P., the struggle, and I feel like that's what I represented tonight. the struggle and overcoming it, jumping over any obstacle. That's what we did tonight. I'm very grateful.

That first round, you knocked him down with that left hook. Did you know it was going to be so devastating?

I didn't think it was going to be that devastating! I thought he was gonna weather the storm, as he did. That's why I kinda paced myself. I didn't wanna go too crazy. Although I know he's been hurt before, I didn't wanna get too crazy, because I knew my fans was here, and sometimes they can have an effect on you, and make you wanna knock somebody out early, and then you get tired. I paced myself, and once I saw the opportunity present itself again, I took full advantage of it.

In the second round you switched to southpaw, what was that all about?

I switch in the gym. I always wanted to be southpaw, but it just so happens I'm a right hander. We started off that way. But every chance I get, I try to switch, just to give it a little different edge.

What was the thing that made him so tricky to fight?

I don't think necessarily he was tricky, but sometimes when you, uh -- see, I haven't gone past a lot of rounds in a while, so I kinda thought he was gonna unleash some things out of his pocket. I thought he was gonna weather the storm so he could unleash something in the later rounds, so I was cautious. Once I saw that it was nothing, I just got him out of there.

In the fifth round, he seemed to be getting more aggressive. But you just turned the switch and flipped it on him. What was it you saw as your opening to finish him?

Well, first off, he hit me. I can play around, but -- it sucks, because every time someone hits me is when I turn it up. You would think normally, I would get in there and just do what I'm taught, but I'm happy with my victory, and it was a great win for me.

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