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Garcia vs Salka: Results, photos, and quotes from Showtime Championship Boxing

Danny Garcia, Lamont Peterson, and Daniel Jacobs rolled through their opponents as expected last night at the Barclays Center.


"I came here to purge. I told everybody tonight was going to be the ‘Danny Garcia Show.' No matter who I fought tonight, they were going to get beat. I was going to purge. I was out to kill.

"I didn't think this was going to be an easy fight. I thought he'd try to box me. But it is not about the opponent. When I am at my best I can beat anybody and I already proved that."

"I leave it up to Al Haymon, but if he [Peterson] wants it. I'll give it to him. I show up fight night and sometimes I have good nights or bad nights, but I always find a way to win."


"He's not going to get a lot of credit because of the opponent. But for those that really know boxing, you can see that Danny Garcia was very sharp tonight. Punching well, moving and defending very well. He looked sharp and would have given anyone a tough time tonight."


"I'm good. It wasn't a tougher fight than I expected. I got caught with a shot. What am I going to do?"


"I was able to show a lot of dimensions of my game. I was boxing well. I fought on the inside well. I actually think I should have gotten him out of there sooner but I give myself an okay grade.

"I think it was [round] four or five. I hurt him. I didn't finish him. I don't know why I didn't but I knew I hurt him -and it was over- it was just a matter of time. I just had to get the right spot, push on the gas and go forward."

"(Garcia vs Peterson) is the fight all the fans and the media want. I'm willing to do it. Again, I'm going to say this: 'I'm willing to do it.' Hopefully it gets done...It makes more sense to do it at 140 but if it has to happen at 147 I have no problem."

"He [Anthony] did me a favor tonight...I had to fight but that's my brother. I was a little nervous when he was in there. Good thing is he got him out of there in the first round so I didn't have to worry about him for too long."


"He came in with a good game plan. He's tougher than I expected. His style frustrated me."


"My son, my baby boy, was my first priority. But getting back into the ring was my second motivation. Boxing taught me to have the mental strength to overcome anything. And that's what I did."

"My advice [to others fighting cancer] is to be strong. But even if you can't beat it, be happy. Be grateful that we even have this life.

"I wanted to pace myself. I didn't want to punch myself out. I respected him. But I didn't see any way that he could defeat me. I was sitting down on my punches and throwing in bunches. He was a tough customer. I hope he's okay.

"I want to fight Peter Quillin in Brooklyn right here at the Barclays Center. The Brooklyn fans deserve it and it's going to happen soon hopefully.


"I'm good. I got caught with the shot. That's boxing. I'm going to go back to the drawing board. He's a good fighter. I'm disappointed in my performance. It is what it is."


"I knew it wouldn't be easy. I never underestimated him. I just wanted to feel strong in the ring. My legs were kind of not there, but I was good mentally. I just have to work around it.

"I just didn't feel myself. This all falls back on my performance. I just happened to get the decision and I'm ready to go back to the gym and work on a few things. Whatever Golden Boy has planned for me is what I'm going to do.

"[The fans are] my motivation. That's what gives me the power. I just want to perform better next time. You'll see a better Sadam Ali."


"Tonight was a demonstration of the rust being taken off. I just caught him with a good shot. It's boxing. It could have been me. Sometimes it's the calculation of punches. You can misjudge a punch. He just got caught."


"I knew he was going to come out tough, he's a veteran so as soon as I got in there I took my time," said Ochoa. "My legs cramped up a little bit but hey, I'm at Barclays Center let me give everybody a show. I dug down and I fought my heart out.

"I just have to go to the gym and keep working at my craft. I'm only 21 and I'm still learning."


"We knew he wasn't supposed to be in the ring with me so we took care of him and handled our business. I caught him with a straight left and then he crumbled. I'm happy with my performance. You see me smiling don't you?"


"I wasn't looking to just continue getting knockouts. Most importantly we just wanted to win. I learned to be patient. I'm not afraid to go the distance. I'm young with a lot of learn."


"I got him out of there. There are a couple of things that I need to work on but I am prepared for anything and I will be back on Monday."

(Photos by Amanda Kwok/SHOWTIME)

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