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Roc Nation Sports wins Quillin-Korobov purse bid

Jay Z's new promotional company announced its presence with authority by handily outbidding Golden Boy and Top Rank.


Well, that didn't take long. After just yesterday announcing their intention to promote fights, Roc Nation Sports COO David Itskowitch made a surprise visit to Puerto Rico to participate in the purse bid and left with promotional rights to the title fight between Peter Quillin and Matt Korobov.

Dan Rafael of is reporting the Roc Nation Sports bid was $1,904,840 which handily beat Golden Boy's bid of $1,200,000 and Top Rank's of $515,000. Each fighter will be taking home a career-best payday, and the split will be 75/25 in favor of the champ Quillin.

Oscar de la Hoya told Rafael, "I'm surprised by the offer but glad someone like Jay Z and his team realize the value and opportunities in boxing."

And in one of the most groan-worthy quotes of the week, Carl Moretti added:

"Jay Z may have '99 Problems,' but apparently purse bids aren't one of them. Welcome to the business of boxing. Plus, I'd rather lose the bid and win the fight any day of the week."

He's so hip and with it!

The fight is penciled in for November 8th in either New York or Washington D.C., the two jurisdictions in which Roc Nation Sports is licensed.

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