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Angel Garcia: Salka's in the wrong place at the wrong time on August 9

Angel Garcia says it's nothing personal against Rod Salka, he's just going to be in the wrong place at the wrong time against Danny Garcia on August 9.

"People are always gonna talk, but the thing is, you gotta respect anybody that puts gloves on. I'm not saying he's better than Danny, 'cause at the end of the day, the hand raised is gonna be Danny's. It all depends on how he wants to come. If he wants to look how people put him, that's his camp's problem. All I know is I'm taking him very seriously. Danny's going out there to do what he does every fight, win. We trained hard. We didn't take nothing away, we didn't add nothing. I know 100%, on the 9th, Danny will be ready."

"Honestly, a lot of trainers go wrong -- a lot of trainers worry so much about the opponent, they forget about their own fighter. That's where a lot of trainers go wrong. The way I do it, I don't worry about that. That's between their camp and Danny's opponent. Honestly, I worry about Danny. I don't think he's a threat to Danny. I'm not saying that he's a slouch. I'm not saying nothing bad about him. All I'm saying is on the 9th, I know Danny's ready. Will they be ready? It's a different question. They gotta answer that. I can't answer that for them."

"He's probably gonna try to box Danny. Run. Use his jab. But like they say, you can run, but you can't hide. Danny's gonna go out there from round one, he's gonna try to control the fight with his jab. If it goes 10 rounds, it goes 10 rounds. But if Danny catches him, it ain't gonna go 10 rounds. All I know is, we're going to control the fight from the beginning of the (first) round. So weaknesses, I don't look for weakness in no fighter, because you can set anything up, plan, you can have all the plan in the world, it doesn't go the way it goes. That's why we're gonna take it one round at a time. That's how we're gonna adjust to the fight."

"We always do the same thing in our training camp, we don't change nothing. But the last fight with Herrera got a lot of bad publicity. They made it seem like Herrera got ripped off in Puerto Rico, it was all Puerto Rico, but the thing is this, how he got ripped off when the only judge from Puerto Rico had it a draw from beginning? So how'd that happen? The only Puerto Rican judge had it a draw from the beginning of the round. So the thing about this camp is, the bad publicity that Danny got from that, I don't think he lost sleep over it, but he wants to show the world. What happens is, when you're in the wrong spot at the wrong time, that's what happens on the 9th. It's nothing personal against Danny's opponent on the 9th. It's nothing personal. It's just he's in the wrong place at the wrong time. He's gonna pay for all that bad media Danny got. I'm being honest, man, I don't lie. He's looking good. He's looking very, very good. He's not even getting hit, and I'm putting him in good sparring. I'm not putting him with people he can run through. I'm putting him with undefeated, you know, 24-0, 25-0, I'm bringing from overseas. He's getting very, very good work."

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