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Floyd Mayweather struggles to read, 50 Cent makes fun of him, Mayweather has money

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Floyd Mayweather doesn't read very well, and 50 Cent doesn't know what disease he's talking about, and Floyd Mayweather has a whole lot of money.

Jeff Bottari

Here's a quick summary of the recent fringe boxing news nonsense going around, which is super interesting to the general public because it's about making fun of somebody and not really anything to do with boxing itself, which is something most people seem to not like very much.

Anyway, Floyd Mayweather struggled badly to read a 10-second promo thing for radio:

Because of this getting out there, former pal and now mortal enemy 50 Cent decided to make fun of Mayweather's reading level:

"ASL/ELS" is not it, but, hey, you know, FUN! Fun for everyone, I guess. Whatever.

And to reply to that reply, Mayweather pointed out that he has a lot of money:


This is obviously a war of the true intellectual giants. A few things:

  1. I don't find it funny that Floyd Mayweather doesn't read so well, because it's not funny that a grown man doesn't read so well.
  2. I kind of find it funny that 50 Cent didn't really know what he was saying when he was trying to make fun of that.
  3. I kind of find it funny that Floyd Mayweather's retort was, "I HAVE MONEY!"
What a story. What a world. I think I preferred when these two were BFFs.