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Andre Berto happy with Virgil Hunter, ready for September 6 comeback fight

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Andre Berto has had a tough road back just to get into the gym again, and now he's near his return to the ring on September 6.


Former welterweight titleholder Andre Berto has had a year out of the ring following a second straight loss and a bad shoulder injury that required surgery and lengthy rehab, but the 30-year-old fighter will make his return on September 6 (one day before his 31st birthday, actually) on Showtime, and says he's ready to get back in the ring.

Berto (28-3, 22 KO) hasn't won a fight in three years, since beating Jan Zaveck in September 2011. He followed that up with a loss in November 2012 to Robert Guerrero in a gritty slugfest, and then was upset by Jesus Soto Karass via TKO-12 in July 2013. That fight saw him reinjure his shoulder, putting him back on the shelf.

He's united with trainer Virgil Hunter now, and says he's happy with the camp:

"Virgil and I have been working consistently since I was cleared to start boxing training early this year," Berto said. "Training with him is like being in a classroom and I'm excited to share the benefits of those lessons in Cincinnati."

Recently, Andre Ward spoke with Marcos Villegas about several topics, one of which was Berto:

"He's got a comeback that he's working on, and I can help him with that, because I had the same exact shoulder situation," Ward said. "He's going to the same therapist that I went to, and I understand the mental and physical battles that he's going through right now. Plus he's coming off a loss. And I'm helping him with that. Obviously I got a comeback that I'm working on. (Berto) encourages me by just showing up every day. We're feeding off each other."

The September 6 main event will see hometown fighter Adrien Broner face Emmanuel Taylor, while Lucas Matthysse will take on Roberto Ortiz.