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Garcia vs Salka results: Danny Garcia scores vicious second round knockout

Danny Garcia's fight with Rod Salka was criticized from the moment it was signed. Tonight's fight showed us why.

Ed Mulholland
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

For all the worries about how bad of a matchup Danny Garcia vs Rod Salka was in the main event of tonight's Showtime card, the reality of the fight wound up being even worse, as Garcia destroyed Salka in the second round with a brutal left hook knockout to remain unbeaten, as everyone knew he would.

Salka (19-4, 3 KO) was grossly overmatched in this fight. After a pretty pedestrian first round where Garcia (29-0, 17 KO) won the round, but the second became farcical. Garcia dropped Salka midway into the round, then poured on the pressure and forced Salka to take a knee.

With all credit to the underdog, Salka literally pounded his chest and went into a toe-to-toe war with Garcia. That didn't last long. As Salka winged his heaviest shots at Garcia, Danny's left hook came around wide, caught Salka clean, and knocked him out.

This was a fight that really shouldn't have happened. It was a clear physical mismatch, as Garcia was obviously the bigger man in the ring, and the skills were entirely on Garcia's side, too. Tune-up fights do happen, but are we really going to celebrate them as world class main events? After this one, I certainly hope we don't see more of this coming from Al Haymon, Golden Boy, Top Rank, or anyone. This entire show was as one-sided and sorry as even its most furious detractors expected. It's hard to accomplish meeting a critic's low expectations, but this show did it.

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