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Floyd Mayweather: Whether you pay to see me win or lose, you pay to see me

Floyd Mayweather talks with the Washington Post about being the highest paid fighter in the world, and his approach to boxing business.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Floyd Mayweather

"I just take one fight at a time, as it presents itself. I don't care how you cut it, how you slice it, put him in front of me and I'll beat him. I'm always driven by the will to win. It's about pushing yourself, it's about dedicating yourself, it's about believing. And I believe. If nobody else believes, I believe."

"Winning is not always having your hand raised. Winning is giving 100 percent. You know, if you're not gonna give it 100 percent, why come?"

"It's a training camp, but it's also classes in session. I want everybody to focus in and watch every moment. When it's been like this for so many years, it's normal. It's just everyday life for me."

Rafael Garcia, Mayweather's cut man

"I've worked with many champions of the world in my life. At least 35 champions of the world, and I've never seen anybody else like Floyd."

Floyd Mayweather

"When I think about my legacy, I think different things. A family man. A person who likes to give back. A great heart. Loyal, and honest."

[on jail time] "Things happen. You know, Malcolm X has been in jail. Martin Luther King has been in jail. And the list goes on and on. People should just learn from the mistakes that are made. And I'm not saying that when I went to jail, it was a mistake, but you know, things happen, and you live and you learn."

"The bar is set so high for Floyd Mayweather, for myself, the bar is set so high. I'm not just fighting the fighter that's in front of me. I'm fighting the critics. I'm fighting the media. I'm fighting the biased fans. It comes with the territory."

Leonard Ellerbe

"He has an eye for marketing. He's a genius. We've been able to turn that into a moneymaker."

Floyd Mayweather

"It's all about entertainment. It's like the WWE. You'll see, like, Hulk Hogan, then he'll come back and be Hollywood Hulk Hogan. I used to be Pretty Boy Floyd, then I come back, I step away from the game for a hot second, and I come back, then I'm Money Mayweather with a total different look."

"Most fighters don't really understand business. You've got to have something to sell. We're all selling the same product, but I've just got a different sales pitch."

Leonard Ellerbe

"At the end of the day, it don't really matter your opinion, as long as you have an opinion. When the fans aren't booing or cheering, then he knows he's not relevant anymore."

Floyd Mayweather

"To be in the sport of boxing for almost 20 years, to still be at the top, to still be at the pinnacle, and still be relevant, it's immaculate. For everyone that's ever purchased a Floyd Mayweather fight, whether you paid to see me win or you paid to see me lose, I'm the smart one at the end of the day, because you paid to see me."

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