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Adrien Broner's trainer wants title shot first, then Lucas Matthysse

Mike Stafford says he'd like to see Broner go after a 140lb title before taking on Lucas Matthysse. As noble as that may sound in theory, the details of his would-be plan will leave many heads hanging.

Harry How

Mike Stafford is a notable amateur trainer and former U.S. national coach. He's also had a good run of professional success with protégé, Adrien Broner. But although Broner directly called out Lucas Matthysse as being next on his hit list, Stafford would prefer for him to take an alternate route. Normally I might say he should leave the matchmaking up to Al Haymon, but lets face it, to say most fans aren't thrilled with his matchmaking either would be a pretty big understatement. The only problem is that Stafford's preference for Broner's next fight really isn't any better, like, at all...

"I would rather wait for a title shot before fighting Matthysse," said Stafford of Matthysse, who, like Broner, is advised by Al Haymon. "Plus, Matthysse is with Al, so we've got plenty of time. Matthysse ain't going nowhere, you know what I'm saying?"

The man Stafford would like next for Broner is none other than (DUN-DUN-DUNNNN!) Chris Algieri. No, I couldn't make this stuff up, I swear. Apparently Stafford's ideal scenario would be for Algieri to lose his upcoming welterweight title fight against Manny Pacquiao and then come back to 140 to make a title defense. There, Broner would be waiting to play the role of vulture, peck off what's left of him, and walk away with that WBO title. That would make Broner a 4-division champion, although I can't readily think of any other 4-division champ who became so against such ho-hum opposition. I also don't find much nobility in waiting around, trying to pick off a title from someone who many expect will be coming off a pretty bad beating at the hands of Pac Man, particularly by someone who already claims to be a Hall of Famer at age 25.

"That could be something. That could happen," said Stafford. "I think that once we get to next year, there are going to be a lot of changes made in boxing, so you really can't say what will happen."

A lot of changes I can deal with. The sport needs a lot of changes. But this so-called plan reeks of more of the same to me.

So, with those stated intentions, it should be worth noting that Broner doesn't really have any aim in pursing a Lamont Peterson fight (with whom he is friends and often trains with), nor a Danny Garcia showdown (who may or may not be moving to 147).

"Lamont might also be moving up and give up his title," said Stafford of Peterson, who, like Garcia, is advised by Haymon. "But you just never know. We just have to wait it out, and we're willing to do that. The doors will be opening up, I'm pretty sure, and we'll have that title opportunity."

I guess Broner is just better suited to either pick on a marred opponent or fight for a vacant title. Perhaps Stafford shouldn't have said anything at all. If this were to come to fruition because of happenstance, then fine. People at least respected Broner for trying to go after one of the top dogs in the division. But for his own trainer to openly admit he'd rather wait for a chance to take a belt from what is expect to be damaged goods is...well...*(sigh)*...Boxing?

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