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Keith Olbermann rips Mayweather: 'He likes to hit people, especially women'

Keith Olbermann named Floyd Mayweather the 'Worst Person in the Sports World' for the day.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

ESPN's Keith Olbermann has been spitting fire this week at the NFL, Roger Goodell, Ray Rice, and all other parties involved in that debacle, and since Floyd Mayweather chimed in with his thoughts on the case after being asked on Tuesday, Olbermann got a chance to open up the can on Floyd, too.

(Mike Tyson was also mentioned in the video, after he endorsed Rob Ford and then cursed out a TV reporter in Canadawho brought up his rape conviction.)

"The winner, boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr, who has come out in defense of Ray Rice. Mayweather fights Saturday in Vegas, unless he hits another woman before then. He has now accused the NFL of going back on its word because Rice's suspension was increased, just because that little videotape appeared of Rice hitting his then-fiancee with a left hook that also would have knocked out Mayweather."

Olbermann then read some of Mayweather's comments, describing it as "idiocy." He then commented on people sticking to their word:

"You know, like when the judge said you'd be going to jail in 2012 after that plea in the domestic battery case. He was a man of his word. You went to jail!"

On Mayweather's "worse things happen that aren't caught on video" bit:

"Like the two counts of domestic violence you pleaded guilty to in 2002, Floyd, and the misdemeanor battery conviction in the case involving two women in a nightclub in 2004. But of course, those were frame-ups! ... Still, Mayweather showed unexpected empathy for the real victim here: Ray Rice. ... Floyd likes to hit people. Especially women who can't defend themselves. But no -- you go ahead! Watch the Mayweather fight on Saturday night, then take a 90-minute shower, and then spend all day Sunday rubbing your hands and saying, 'Won't wash off! Won't wash off!'

"Floyd Mayweather, surprisingly enough taking the domestic violence perpetrator's side against the woman, and against any accountability in the act."

Do you ever struggle to pay money for Mayweather PPVs as a boxing fan, due to his history outside of the ring?

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