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Arum slams Pellulo for making Korobov-Andrade

Arum calls the deal "unconscionable" claiming Pellulo reneged on an agreement for Andrade to face the winner of Korobov-Saunders.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Bob's pissed! In conversations with and, Arum says he had a verbal agreement with Artie Pellulo that would have put Andrade on the undercard of Korobov-Saunders and let Andrade fight the winner next.

In a move he calls "unconscionable," Arum says Pellulo reneged on the agreement after the WBO accepted his petition for Andrade to face Korobov (who's promoted by Arum's Top Rank) immediately for the vacant middleweight strap.

Arum explained to, "The deal we made was that Korobov-Saunders goes in England and Andrade fights the winner in 90 days and Andrade gets a spot on the undercard in England. And now Artie claims that never happened. Nobody's going to do that to me. That's unconscionable."

Judging from comments Arum made to, there may be a mini-Cold War brewing now: "I’m wiping Pelullo off my list."

Pellulo, for his part, says it's Arum who dropped the ball on the agreement: "When Bob never called me back, I assumed that Frank Warren was unwilling to put Andrade on the card. Nobody ever called me back. There was no deal. At the end of the day, we had to protect Demetrius."

Despite the spat, the two sides now have to work together to get Korobov-Andrade done. Thankfully, Andrade is co-promoted by Joe DeGuardia who Arum is cool with. "The WBO has now mandated Korobov-Andrade, so I will talk Joe DeGuardia, who is an honorable guy. But I will not speak to Pelullo after what he did to me."

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