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Mayweather-Maidana II marks Al Bernstein's 100th PPV broadcast

The Hall of Fame broadcaster will pass a milestone Saturday night as he calls his 100th pay-per-view fight.

Ethan Miller

Reading the press release headline "Al Bernstein Passes a Milestone," I couldn't help but think it's better than passing a kidney stone, AMIRITE?!!

Seriously though folks, Bernstein will be on the mic for the Mayweather-Maidana rematch Saturday night which marks his 100th broadcast as an announcer/analyst for a pay-per-view fight. His first was back in 1983 when he called Marvin Hagler's successful title defense against Roberto Duran at Caesar's Palace.

On a personal note, I have Al Bernstein to blame thank for getting me into this crazy sport. My mom and I (yep, Ma loves boxing) used to watch Top Rank Boxing and the Tuesday/Thursday Night Fights series. My favorite sidekick at the time was "The Champ" Sean O'Grady. Not sure why.

In any case, you won't find too many folks who either LOVE or HATE Al Bernstein. He's pretty even-keeled and certainly knows his boxing history. In his current gig at Showtime he provides some much-needed levity to balance the bombastic Mauro Ranallo and the oft-opinionated Paulie Malignaggi.

I highly recommend Al's book "30 Years, 30 Undeniable Truths About Boxing, Sports and TV." It's a quick, enjoyable read with many fun anecdotes from his long career at ringside.

Congrats to Al!

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