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Floyd Mayweather Sr: Floyd had 'something on his mind' during first Maidana fight

Floyd Mayweather Sr says his son is sharp in training, and that something wasn't right with him for his first fight with Marcos Maidana.

Floyd Mayweather Sr

"One thing that he is doing more than anything, that I approve of, he's moving a lot more. He's been moving a lot more than when he was boxing these guys. He ain't just staying on the ropes. He might stay there for a second or two. He's moving or good, he's pivoting good, he's doing everything good. He's boxing these guys. Some of these guys would bust Maidana's head. Floyd's playing with them right now.

"My honest opinion is something was wrong with my son. I'm not making up any excuses for my son, but something was on Floyd's mind the last time that he fought. I don't know what it was. He was in a -- I don't know what it was. Something was on his mind. I would try and talk to him, and he wasn't even listening, man. I'm being honest. He said, 'I just wasn't listening to my dad. I wasn't taking instruction.'"

"I don't know like going to anybody and telling them how bad they did. That's not my style. I like to talk and say what was done wrong, we can do better. Which, whatever he did do wrong, I'm pretty sure he'll do much better this time around."

"I'm not gonna say how much he's gonna move. I'm gonna say, I'm pretty sure he's gonna move quite a bit. And I'm pretty sure that Maidana's gonna be out in the middle of the ring, swinging at the air. That's pretty much one of the things that I think is coming up. And I think Maidana's gonna get countered quite a bit, too."

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