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Virgil Hunter: Angulo is sharper at new weight, could be dangerous to Cotto

Trainer Virgil Hunter talks Alfredo Angulo, his new fighting weight, and a possible later date with Miguel Cotto.

On Angulo saying he's sharper at the new weight

"I have to agree with him. Watching him pass 160, coming down to 154 his last two or three fights, I could see a big difference when he was 161, 160, in that zone there. As soon as he got to 159, it was a drastic change. We talked about it for the last two fights, but the last fight was really tough on him physically. We felt if he was going to continue, he needed to make that change.

"He's 32 years old now, and he's a big boned man. He actually fought 165 in the amateurs, and he went a long way. I think 165 is a place for him to be, and give him a good and healthy chance in the ring. I feel that when he's in great shape, when he's focused, and he's not struggling, doing anything drastic to his body, that he has a chance in any fight, because of his punching power. That's all we want to give him, is a good chance."

"Observing him in the gym, as he gets closer to a fight, and you're checking his weight every day, and you're seeing sparring sessions where he's at 165, 166, and you like what you see. Then you see him go below that, and you begin to see different aspects of staleness. At that point, it starts coming on your mind. And then again, the age. One thing about him, when he's focused and he does everything right from the diet, to the resting and things, and the weight don't budge, then it's time to make a move."

On a timeframe for a title shot at 160

"We'll look at this fight and take it one fight at a time. It's conceivable that that very well could happen. I wouldn't be surprised if it does. That's where we have the bar set. Why move up to the middleweight division and not give him the opportunity at the belt if he deserves that shot, and has progressed to that point? That's what we're looking for. That gives us the goals and gives us the determination, the drive to keep working towards that. We have something to work for. I can see that happening."

On Angulo facing Miguel Cotto down the road

"He'd be giving up a lot of things, but he would also have some advantages. It would just depend on what kind of plan we would have, and how we would go about doing it. If you look at it on paper, Cotto has a lot of advantages on him. Speed, pedigree, things like that. But like I said, when Alfredo is all the way right, he's dangerous in any fight. That's all we need from him, to be dangerous. Legitimately dangerous. I give him a chance."

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