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Floyd Mayweather Sr: Maidana's not a boxer, Ariza's a bum

Floyd Mayweather Sr is no fan of Alex Ariza, or of Marcos Maidana.

Have you seen Alex in here?

"I don't know what Floyd even wants that bum for. The man ain't no fuckin' good. He was on Maidana's team (in the last fight), and now he's--"

There was a picture released where he was stretching Floyd. Is it kind of like a mind game?

"I don't know what it is. I ain't seen his ass in here. If I see his ass in here, I got somethin' to tell his ass my goddamn self."

What would you tell him?

"What in the fuck you doin' in this camp?"

So obviously you wouldn't agree, because you feel you guys have a formula that works, so why change it?

"He wasn't part of it when Floyd was on the other end getting his head butted, getting kicked in the groins, getting hit behind the head, getting thrown out the ring. Any the rest of the stuff. Behind the head, everything else. He wasn't praising Lil Floyd in that kind of way. It was the other side. I'm just saying that I don't think that -- he's a guy that's no good. He's been no good for years. All of 'em. Them guys, all of 'em. If it got something to do with drugs, they doin' it. If it got something to do with doing something wrong, choking somebody, buttin' 'em, they got something to do with it. We ain't into that kind of bullshit."

There's a lot of drama with the glove situation, what do you make of all that?

"I was there. I didn't like the glove thing because the glove was about -- the leather was about that big, and the rest of it wasn't nothin' but some horse hair."

A lot of fans are saying a lot of fighters use those gloves, they're approved by commissions, there's nothing wrong with them.

"Them gloves shouldn't be worn for boxers. No way, not at all. In no form. No way."

You say that Floyd's gonna make him miss a lot. Do you think he'll adjust a lot and blow him out completely, or will it be competitive and Floyd will figure him out again?

"I can't say it's gonna be a competitive fight. I can't say that. Not because Floyd's my son, but I know for a fact that Maidana's not no fuckin' boxer. He's an MMA fighter. He don't know nothin' about boxing. There's no way he can outbox Floyd. No way."

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