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Amir Khan: Floyd Mayweather has gone past his peak, I'm hitting mine

Amir Khan truly believes he can beat Floyd Mayweather if he gets a fight with him in May 2015, and feels that Mayweather is showing his age.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

On Mayweather's win over Maidana

"Well done to Floyd Mayweather for winning the fight. But you know what, there was a lot of things I saw today, that I haven't seen Floyd do before. His age is getting to him. I really believe that. I've honestly said, I'm hitting my peak, whereas Floyd, I think, has gone past his peak. You can see him just going down that hill. Maybe age is showing now. What I saw from Floyd today, he's very beatable. Honestly. If I get a fight with him, he's very, very beatable."

On what he's seen from Floyd aging

"Floyd now has stopped throwing many punches. His workrate's dropped a lot. For example, Maidana's jab was getting through all the time, and Maidana's slow. He's a slow puncher. He's not as quick as I am. My crisp jab going in there with power and speed, and the right hands, and the left hooks, and the body shots. Plus, my height, I'm a lot bigger than Floyd. I'd give him a lot of problems. It'd be like a game of chess, but I know I'd win that game of chess."

On his next fight in December

"We're working on something at the moment. I had a meeting with Al Haymon, so in the next couple of days, really. ... I've read a lot of names. Josesito Lopez, Robert Guerrero, Devon Alexander. I want to fight the best. Look, I'd love to fight Pacquiao this time around. Mayweather if the fight was offered to me. But there's a lot of fighters I'd like to fight who are avoiding me. We'll see what happens."

On possibly facing Kell Brook in 2015

"It could happen, definitely. I heard he's got injured. I wish him all the best and hope for a fast recovery. If that makes sense, that fight can happen, for sure."

On facing Mayweather in 2015

"If it's going to happen, it'll be May. I really believe that's going to happen. Style-wise, it makes sense, and styles make fights. A fight against Floyd Mayweather would make sense and would make a good fight. You guys are all boxing experts. Speed, explosiveness, movement, someone who's quicker than Floyd, who has a good jab. That's what's going to cause Floyd -- and who's young, and hungry, and has great fitness."

On facing Mayweather

"I wish him all the best. If the fight happens, then it happens. If it doesn't happen, look, as a fighter -- I'm not saying this because I want the fight. I really believe I can beat Floyd Mayweather with my style. Styles make fights. I think with the movement, the explosiveness, the power that we've developed, and being young. I think it's the youth that would beat Mayweather. I know it's different when you're watching a fight from the outside, I saw a lot of flaws today. ... I see him aging, but I never thought he lost the fight. He won the fight, but there were times I thought, 'Wow, if that was me in the ring...' Maidana's nowhere near as quick as me, but Maidana was getting a lot of success. Imagine someone who's young and explosive with a lot of speed and power."

"His speed is still there, but his combinations are gone. It's more one punch at a time."

On what he'd say to sell himself to Floyd

"Financially, it makes sense. We're both big names. It'd be a massive fight. And I really believe that the fight -- I think he's worried about speed. I've heard it from a lot of trainers around America, Floyd always says, 'Is Amir really that quick?' Because you guys tell him that he's faster than me. Maybe we have the same power, or maybe I have a bit more power than him, but I really know I am quicker than him. And I've got a good boxing brain. When it comes to boxing, I don't think anyone can beat me. I don't think anyone has beaten me when it comes to skillful boxing. I put my hand up, I've been knocked out a few times. But that's just boxing. I've been caught with shots, and I've gone in there and made mistakes, but when it comes to a technical boxing fight, a game of chess, there's no one out there who can beat. We know he's not the biggest puncher anyway."

On beating Floyd Mayweather

"The best way to beat Floyd Mayweather is having a good jab, having good movement. Feinting, not standing there, not waiting for him. When you wait for Floyd Mayweather, he gets punches in. If you let Floyd Mayweather settle down, he'll walk right through you. I really believe I'll win the fight."

On Floyd's legs last night

"At times he got caught with shots that weren't really that hard, and you could see his legs were hurt. Age is getting to him. Look, he's a great fighter, he's unbeaten, but he's not the same Floyd Mayweather I saw five fights ago."

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