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Warren Buffett backed out on Mayweather ring walk

Warren Buffett was set to walk to the ring with Floyd Mayweather on Saturday night, but the 84-year-old gozillionaire doesn't like marijuana cigarettes.

Dave Weaver-USA TODAY Sports

According to TMZ Sports, business magnate Warren Buffett reneged on his pledge to walk to the ring with Floyd Mayweather on Saturday night, after he and his team (as it were) decided that Buffett's association with Mayweather on Showtime All Access didn't exactly look great for him, given the joint-rolling scene that followed the bit that featured Buffett on the show.

Sources connected to both Mayweather and Buffett tell TMZ ... the mogul had agreed to walk Floyd into the ring ... accompanied by Justin Bieber and Wiz Khalifa. In fact, we're told Buffett was excited to be part of Team Money.

But our sources say Buffett's company, Berkshire Hathaway, had problems with the spectacle, primarily because of a Mayweather documentary -- "All Access." Buffett is featured in the flick with Floyd ... and the very next scene shows Money carousing with women while his posse rolls joints.

The documentary didn't sit well with Buffett's people -- they felt it reflected badly on their boss. We're told at around 10 A.M. Saturday ... Warren agreed and 86'd his plan to walk Floyd into the ring.

Buffett was still at the fight, and was shown backstage with Mayweather in the locker room, so it doesn't sound like the one-time "Office" guest star is, like, giving up on the idea of going to Justin Bieber's house parties with Floyd, or whatever the hell else he's doing with Mayweather or might potentially do with Mayweather. So that's good. I guess.

I don't care. But there you go.

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