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Bettors have "no interest" in recent Mayweather fights

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Mayweather-Maidana II generated just 50% of the betting action of Mayweather-Canelo.

Ethan Miller

Here's an interesting angle on Floyd Mayweather: Bettors are losing interest in his fights. Last Saturday's rematch was particularly unappetizing, according to Vegas insiders interviewed by

"He's a draw, but it's not translating to the betting window," said Jay Rood of MGM. Floyd was about a -600 favorite when the bell rang last Saturday night, meaning a bettor would need to lay down $600 to win $100 on Mayweather. That kind of return isn't enticing big-time bettors or casual fans.

Nick Bogdanovich of William Hill summed it up nicely: "No big bets; no accumulation of small bets on the underdog. No interest."

Though Floyd got his share of negative press in the lead-up to the fight, his reputation likely isn't the reason for lack of bettor interest. Still, Bogdanovich added, "Floyd's not the most popular guy. His fights aren't really exciting. People are tired of it."

PPV buys for the first fight with Maidana were estimated at well below the 1M mark, and the rematch numbers are likely similar. The boxing blogosphere was solidly "meh" about the fights, especially the rematch. Add to that #Mayhem's garbage undercard and you have to wonder how long Mayweather can continue to sell a product that fails to spin the wheels of commerce.