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Sergio Martinez underwent physical exam, results next week

Martinez had his medical evaluation on Tuesday by a New York orthopedist, which will determine whether or not he continues his boxing career.

Rich Schultz

The lengthy evaluation on Sergio's surgically repaired knee has taken place and it looks like the results should come in by next week. The results of which will ultimately determine if Sergio has enough stability in the knee to continue his fighting career.

"There was an MRI taken, and a full battery of tests but we won't have any results until next week," said advisor Sampson Lewkowicz during a Wednesday interview with "It was a long examination, maybe three hours. I was with him. There were a few tests that they did. They did several things."

"Whatever decision is made from the results, we will not talk to any press individually," said Lewkowicz. "The news will come in the form of a press release from Lou DiBella Entertainment. We will not discuss any medial details with anyone individually. There will be a release for everyone."

Sergio seems like a very sensible person for the most part, so if the exam reveals that his knee is in fact as bad as it looked against Miguel Cotto, I sincerely hope he can stay away. Being that he didn't even start boxing until his 20's and at one point became the legitimate 160lb champion, I say he's already accomplished more than enough to be proud of. I'm also sure he'll have plenty of opportunities outside of the ring to make a living and keep him busy; not enough fighters walk away when its time. Better one fight too soon than one fight too late.

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