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Quillin, Golden Boy ask for additional time to sign for Korobov fight

Quillin's promoter, Golden Boy, has asked for an extension to the August 28th deadline to sign the contract for a fight with Matt Korobov.

Rob Carr

Peter Quillin is letting the biggest payday of his career sit on the table. Roc Nation Sports overpaid spectacularly for the right to promote his next fight—against Matt Korobov—and Quillin stands to make $1.4 million. Korobov and Top Rank have signed the contract, but according to Golden Boy asked for more time. The new deadline is tomorrow (Wed) at 4pm ET.

Dan Rafael's headline (Quillin-Korobov in trouble?) may be a touch dramatic, though. Quillin's wife gave birth to a child just last week, and it appears he may be taking some extra family time before sitting down with his lawyer to review the contract.

Or maybe not?

It's hard to imagine Quillin would do anything to jeopardize this fight and the accompanying payday. Conspiracy theorists are starting to worry Al Haymon has other plans, but let's not go there just yet. Korobov was solid yet unspectacular in his last bout, so on paper this fight seems like a high reward/low risk proposition for Quillin. And there are no obvious promoter/network conflicts.

If Quillin and Golden Boy miss tomorrow's deadline, then we can start to wonder.

UPDATE 11:55am: According to Rafael's Twitter timeline, Quillin/GBP have asked for a second extension and the WBO granted it, against the wishes of Top Rank and the rest of Korobov's team.

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