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James Kirkland now in dispute with 50 Cent over money

James Kirkland pulled out of negotiations to fight Gabriel Rosado on November 8, and his attorney is saying that it came down to Kirkland thinking 50 Cent was getting too much money.

Scott Heavey

James Kirkland yesterday withdrew from a potential fight with Gabriel Rosado, which was set for November 8 on HBO, and now more details are coming out. Yahoo! Sports' Kevin Iole is reporting that Kirkland disagreed with how much money was going to promoter Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, with attorney and adviser Michael Miller siding not with his fighter, but with the promoter.

Miller, of course, has been up and down with Kirkland over the last near decade, as the fighter's turbulent, on-again, off-again career has gone every which way.

"It's frustrating, because I think some fair offers are being made and he's not taking them," Miller told Yahoo Sports. "When you say you're going to take an offer and then you don't, six or seven days later, patience starts to wear thin."

... "He doesn't know who to trust and who to believe and he just shuts people out and takes advice from whoever's standing next to him at the time," Miller said. "It's too bad, but I've been through it a lot before."

Between stints in jail, disputes with promoters, attempts to leave Miller, Ann Wolfe, and Pops Billingsley, upset losses, and violently entertaining victories, Kirkland (32-1, 28 KO) has done everything but actually break out as a star during his career. He's had a lot of opportunities, and frankly a less charismatic and exciting fighter probably would have been all but blacklisted by top promoters and networks.

So where does Kirkland go now? Who knows? It could really be anything. He could disappear for another year, or he could wind up in the ring with Canelo Alvarez.

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