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De La Hoya: Still no deal for Stiverne-Wilder

Responding to an announcement by the WBC that a deal has been struck, Oscar De La Hoya says he and Don King haven't yet reached an agreement.

Stephen Dunn

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for this important announcement: There is no news on the Bermane Stiverne-Deontay Wilder fight.

The WBC announced that Don King and Oscar De La Hoya had made a deal, but Oscar tells that no such deal has been made. Dan Rafael wrote a whole bunch more words, but that's really the gist of it.

A purse bid was originally scheduled for September 12th, but the sides told the WBC they were in talks and the bid was postponed until tomorrow (Wed). However, said De La Hoya, "I'm confident it won't go to a purse bid."

Somewhat contradictorily, he continued, "It's actually easy -- if you want to get the fight done, you get the fight done. But it won't get done if Don King can't give me a date or a site [or a network]."

In summation, what we have here is a failure to communicate. Worrisome, indeed, considering this is one heavyweight fight that fight fans are actually looking forward to.

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