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Mikey Garcia talks promotional issues and a possible fight with Manny Pacquiao

In a short interview with ESPN's Bernardo Osuna, Garcia says he hopes to fight before the end of the year and addresses the possibility of fighting Manny Pacquiao.

Mikey Garcia hasn't fought since January when he outpointed Juan Carlos Burgos in the theater at Madison Square Garden. His absence has been felt by boxing fans who've grown accustomed to watching Garcia generally dismantle good opponents since his high-level run began in 2012.

Garcia told Osuna he's been dealing with "some promotional disputes and disagreements," and that he doesn't "have many answers" to when he'll be in the ring again, though he hopes it's before the end of the year.

When he does return Garcia says he'd like to campaign at 135 pounds. He calls the lightweight division one he's "gotta go through" to get to his next goal of 140 where there are "good fights that could be made."

Osuna brought up a fight with Manny Pacquiao, to which Garcia replied, "If I'm still with Top Rank, that will be a very good possibility." However, "If we go our separate ways that name won't be brought up."

Mikey alludes to getting Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather to come down and meet him at a catchweight below 147, which may or may not be delusional.

Sounds like there are still many more questions than answers about Mikey's boxing future. Hopefully he works out whatever issues exist soon. It would be a shame to add Garcia's name to the list of boxers who—like Andre Ward and James Kirkland, for example—are wasting their prime years on the sidelines.

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