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Adrien Broner calls out Lucas Matthysse: 'That should be my next fight'

Adrien Broner wants Lucas Matthysse, or so he said tonight. Will the idea become a reality, though?

Stephanie Trapp/SHOWTIME
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Adrien Broner took home a gritty win tonight over Emmanuel Taylor, winning by 12-round unanimous decision and scoring a great late knockdown in the final round. When Showtime's Jim Gray asked him after the fight who he wanted to fight next, he brought up Lucas Matthysse, who was victorious earlier on the show.

Broner (29-1, 22 KO) was not at all against the idea of fighting Matthysse (36-3, 34 KO), saying that's what his next fight should be:

Jim Gray: "You've talked about Lucas Matthysse in the meeting, you've talked about him this week. You've kind of called him out. Is that who you would like to fight next?

Adrien Broner: "Listen, like I said before, I didn't 'kind of' call out nobody. I said, my next fight should be Matthysse. And he can get it!"

Gray: "He can. So you will instruct your promoter, your manager, and all of those folks behind you to make that fight?"

Broner: "If I could, I'd fight Matthysse with this cut tonight."

Gray: "Well, he didn't have a tough night, maybe he could come back out here. The fans are still here."

Broner: "Man, I'd beat his ass, too."

Do you think we'll actually get to see this fight? Matthysse seems like he has tunnel vision on a rematch with Danny Garcia, but Garcia may move up to 147 pounds, for one thing, and a fight with Broner might also be bigger money.

With Broner saying he wants the fight, and Matthysse unlikely to pass on it if offered, the question is simple. Will Al Haymon, who "advises" both fighters, actually go along with the idea?

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