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Danny Garcia on Matthysse: I'll beat his ass again!

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Danny Garcia has formally responded to Lucas Matthysse's calls for a rematch, or at least as formal as Twitter can be.

Al Bello

Lucas Matthysse is up in the air as a possible opponent for Adrien Broner's next fight, but he also has a score he wants to settle with Danny Garcia, the reigning WBC and WBA junior welterweight champion who beat Matthysse in September 2013.

Garcia (29-0, 17 KO) says if the rematch happens, he thinks Matthysse (36-3, 34 KO) will only be in it for money, and that he'll "beat his ass again":

Matthysse won last night with a KO-2 over Roberto Ortiz, an unheralded fighter who was stopped a bit controversially by referee Benjy Esteves, but looked like no serious match for Matthysse, anyway. Garcia last fought on August 16, nearly decapitating Rod Salka in a shameful Showtime main event, and struggled to get past Mauricio Herrera earlier this year in Puerto Rico.