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David Haye promises big announcement soon amid Al Haymon rumors

Is Al Haymon about to make a splashy heavyweight signing? David Haye spoke with Kugan Cassius and hinted that a deal is coming together.

Rumors going around indicate that David Haye has split with trainer/manager Adam Booth, and could be nearing a deal with powerful adviser Al Haymon, who more and more is controlling the high-level landscape in the boxing world.

Haye, who turns 34 in October, hasn't fought since dominating Dereck Chisora in July 2012. He had two dates with Tyson Fury, but canceled both due to a shoulder injury that required surgery. There was some talk that Haye (26-2, 24 KO) may have to retire, but that's not going to be the case.

"People ask me, 'Are you going to come out of retirement?' I've never been in retirement," Haye told iFilm London and BoxNation's Kugan Cassius. "I never made a statement to say I'm retired. There were doctors who advised me to retire because of the injury, there were others who said, you know, you may be able to recover, if you do this, this, and this.

"I've done the rehabilitation process, and I'm really happy. There's nothing I can't do now that I could do before. So physically, I'm in a really good place. Mentally, I'm not that bad. I'm in a good place."

Haye then said that there are things being discussed and worked on that he can't yet officially announce, but said that sometime in the coming weeks we should hear something, which in Haye terms could mean sometime in the next couple of weeks, or sometime in November.

"Lots of stuff's been going on behind the scenes. Good stuff, positive. Stuff moving forward. In the next couple of weeks -- next two, three weeks, there should be some big, big announcements. Some big, shocking announcements to the world. What they are, I don't really want to allude to. It's all positive stuff that's going to get me to my ultimate goal of being undisputed heavyweight champion."

But Haye was clear that he hasn't actually signed with anybody as of today.

"I haven't signed anything with anybody as yet. I've not signed anything official. I haven't signed anything regarding any promoter, manager, trainer, adviser, shrink, psychiatrist, I haven't signed anything with anybody. When I do start signing stuff, which should be not too long away, I'll let everyone know. But I'm still in the process where there are still things up in the air. I don't know want to start saying I'm doing this, or I'm not doing this, because I don't want anything to conflict with each other."

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