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Al Haymon to announce new boxing series on Wednesday

This may be one of only three photos that exist of the reclusive Al Haymon.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

There's a press conference scheduled in New York on Wednesday at NBC studios, where Al Haymon is expected to announce his new boxing series that will air on the network. I wonder, though, if Al will be personally deliver this press conference as he's seldom seen and never heard. In fact, he's pretty infamous for never speaking publicly or to any kind of media. Maybe he'll have Sam Watson handle the grunt work for him, but I digress...

It's expected that Haymon's purchase of NBC airtime will yield about 24 fight dates, a number of whom were just recently released from Golden Boy Promotions as part of a settlement with Richard Schaefer. The real question behind all of this, at least in my mind, is whether or not Haymon will begin matching up his big name fighters in big fights, now that he's essentially running his own show. He has a lot of good fighters in his stable with plenty of great potential match-ups between them that could be made (Garcia-Broner for example).

Of course, many feel that Haymon will continue his tried and true tradition of getting his marquee names easy fights for good pay. I'm not so certain, however, that that would be a recipe for continued success in the long run, particularly if fans start tuning out, and I think Haymon is more than smart enough to recognize that. Of course, there's this whole other caveat that ratings may not be a big issue now that his fights will no longer be on premium subscription television, which could help market his fighters to a much-wider audience, regardless of the level of competition. I think we'll get an indication of where this is all going once the first fight card is announced. Stay tuned...

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